Deepwater point and walter boat ramp

Deepwater point and walter boat ramp

City of Melville
Construction Period:
September 2018 – February 2019
Total Value:
$1,430,000 + GST

Advanteering completed these works for the City of Melville in February 2019. This project included the installation of two new Boat Ramps and Steel Finger Jetties along the Canning and Swan River.

Both sites included the demolition of the existing boat ramp, installation of piles with appropriate protective coatings, construction of rock revetments and scour protection, two boat ramp lanes, an asphalt approach, associated line markings and a central finger jetty that was welded to the piles.

The project included:

  • Excavation to lines and levels underwater;
  • Placement of geofabric underwater;
  • Placement of bedding layer rock underwater;
  • Placement of armour rock both above and below water to strict tolerances;
  • Working in an environmentally sensitive area;
  • Working in an area that had to take into account tides and weather conditions to ensure the work was completed safely.
  • Providing an aesthetically pleasing rock revetment that was also well-built to protect the foreshore.
  • Leaving the beach in a clean and tidy state with no left-over rock.

The project was effectively managed without an environmental incident. All of the work were completed on time and on budget. There were no contract management or dispute resolution issues experienced by either party of the contract.