Neil McDougall Lake Remediation

Neil McDougall Lake Remediation

City of South Perth
Construction Period:
March 2022 - November 2022
M.P. Rogers & Assoc.
Total Value:
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We installed a wetland treatment system to improve lake water quality by addressing nutrient-rich water that led to algal blooms. This involved creating three interconnected basins to treat the water.

The project included:

  • Clearing and storing topsoil.
  • Bulk earthworks for the basins.
  • Dewatering when necessary.
  • Installing drainage systems between basins.
  • Implementing erosion prevention measures.
  • Adding pumps in the lake for water circulation.
  • Electrical Distribution Board and cabling for the pumps.
  • Landscaping with trees, tubestock, pots, grass trees, and mulch.
  • Ongoing hard and soft works maintenance.

The project was successfully managed, meeting deadlines and staying within budget, with no environmental incidents.