C Shed Asbestos removal & stabilisation works

C Shed Asbestos Removal & Stabilisation Works

Construction Period:
May 2021 – Aug 2021
Total Value:

This undertaking involved the meticulous extraction of the asbestos-laden roof from C Shed, followed by the seamless installation of a temporary Colorbond roof. The comprehensive scope extended beyond mere roof replacement, entailing the strategic design and execution of temporary structures to safeguard the shed's stability during the project and for an ensuing 5-year period.

Additionally, within C Shed's confines, there existed an amenities room and a heritage office adorned with asbestos sheets and various other materials. Their meticulous removal and disposal were imperative to prepare the shed for subsequent phases of the project.

The project's tasks included:

  • Thorough investigation of the existing sheet pile wall beneath the shed to assess its condition.
  • Precise pre-cleaning of the shed to eliminate any settled asbestos dust.
  • Formulation of a comprehensive temporary works system, encompassing bracing for the roof and columns, ground-level support for columns along the existing sheet pile wall, and fortification of the ground adjacent to the sheet pile wall to accommodate construction traffic.
  • Immaculate implementation of the designed temporary works.
  • Methodical removal of asbestos sheets from the roof, amenities room, and heritage office.
  • Rigorous clearance of C Shed by a licensed asbestos assessor.
  • Execution of structural timber repairs to the existing shed roof frame.
  • Transformation of the shed with the installation of Colorbond roof sheets.
  • Integration of a new drainage system, inclusive of gutters and downpipes.
  • Continuous air monitoring throughout the entire process.

The project was impeccably managed, achieving its objectives without a single environmental incident and causing minimal disruption to the surrounding stakeholders.