Scotch Boat Shed

Scotch College
Construction Period:
Nov 2021 – August 2022
Total Value:
$4,405,265 + GST

This project encompassed the demolition and construction of a new rowing shed for Scotch College along Freshwater Bay on the Swan River. Key project components included:

  • Safe and precise demolition of the existing shed, employing excavators, barges, and a skilled dive team. This work took place in close proximity to a heritage-listed shed that required constant protection.
  • Installation of piles using specialized equipment, both on land and in the marine environment, with corrosion protection measures such as painting, Denso wrapping, and anodes.
  • Precast concrete decking installation over water and steelwork installation over the same area.
  • Extensive integration of hydraulic and electrical services into the new structure, which featured amenities like change rooms and a kitchen area.
  • Installation of a sewer pump station and rising main in a challenging location near the marine environment, necessitating dewatering measures.

The project was executed flawlessly, with no environmental or safety incidents, and was completed on schedule and within budget.

Relevant aspects of this project include:

  • Safely terminating existing services before demolition.
  • Expert demolition work, including pile removal.
  • Marine piling from barges using vibration hammers.
  • Precast and in-situ marine concrete installation.
  • Structure steel installation.
  • Rock revetment installation.
  • Extensive incorporation of new services, covering water, sewer, electrical, and security systems.