Lathlain Precinct

Town of Victoria Park
Construction Period:
June 2019 – December 2019
Kevin Cunningham
Total Value:
$6 Million

Lathlain Precinct comprises the area within the boundaries of Goddard Street, McCartney Crescent, and Roberts Road, situated within Lathlain Park. Meanwhile, the Lathlain Precinct Zone is the land bordered by Planet Street, Roberts Road, and Bishopsgate Street, often recognized as the former bowling greens and Tom Wright Park. It underwent a substantial redevelopment with the scope of work comprising of:

  • Establishing Tree Protection Zones for retained trees.
  • Site clearing, involving topsoil removal, tree clearing, and minor demolitions.
  • Bulk earthworks (cut and fill) to meet design specifications.
  • Installing new subsurface infrastructure, encompassing a bore, electrical services, hydraulic services, and irrigation.
  • Constructing a gatehouse, ablution buildings, asphalt resurfacing, and expanding the existing carpark.
  • Building new hardscapes, such as decorative concrete footpaths, timber boardwalks, limestone block and reinforced concrete retaining walls, segmental brick paved footpaths, and sports courts.
  • Implementing various surface treatments, including soft fall rubber, mulch, sand, stabilized gravel fines, and rainbow gravel mulch.
  • Creating softscapes, including turf areas, tree transplantation, and garden beds.
  • Installing new furniture items, including play equipment and park amenities.

The project was effectively managed, with no environmental incidents, and all work completed on time and within budget.